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FIS Launches Innovative New Fintech Platform – Atelio™ by FIS

May 7, 2024 at 8:00 AM EDT

Key Facts:

  • Atelio by FIS is an innovative fintech platform that provides the building blocks for financial institutions, businesses and software developers to embed financial services into their offerings.
  • Building on FIS’ history of financial innovation and focus on the financial services industry, Atelio accesses FIS’ scaled technology, broad suite of financial service capabilities, and expertise in risk and compliance.
  • FIS’ extensive client base of banks, corporates and software companies will create a powerful distribution channel for Atelio.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 7, 2024-- FIS® (NYSE: FIS), a global leader in financial technology, has today introduced Atelio by FIS, a fintech platform that provides the building blocks for financial institutions, businesses and software developers to embed financial services into their offerings.

The innovative platform unlocks FIS’ existing financial technology via components that are easy to embed and consume. Atelio is where companies from all industries can go to create financial experiences such as collecting deposits, moving money, issuing cards, sending invoices, or leveraging the platform's tools to fight fraud, forecast cash flows, or better understand customer behavior.

Atelio enables users to embed financial services into their products and workflows in a secure and compliant manner and empowers companies to simply and easily offer financial services to their customers at the point of financial need.

Three lighthouse clients – KeyBank, College Ave and RoyalPay Inc. – are already building on Atelio, demonstrating the power of the platform and its broad distribution channel.

"Welcome to the future of financial services," said Tarun Bhatnagar, president of Platform and Enterprise Products at FIS. "Atelio by FIS is our vision to lead where fintech is going, which is outside the boundaries of how businesses enable, and their customers consume, financial services today. More than just a new solution, Atelio is built to lend the expertise, tools and distribution so that our users and clients can focus on creating. Our scale, distribution and continued investment in technology have given us the foundation to unlock our financial capabilities to a wider audience and power the next generation of financial innovation.”

Why Atelio Matters

Modern software solutions have fundamentally changed how we pay, get paid, borrow money and invest, placing financial offerings at the point of need. This trend is accelerating. According to Bain Capital, embedded finance will grow to 10% of transactions, valued at $7 trillion, or over $50 billion in revenue by 2026.

To meet this growing demand for embedded finance, FIS is making it easier for users of Atelio to participate in this next wave of financial innovation by leveraging FIS’ fintech capabilities in an entirely new way.

Atelio is unique because it builds on FIS’ history of financial innovation and service to the financial services industry together with FIS’ scaled technology, broad suite of financial service capabilities, and expertise in risk and compliance – curated and offered as a service.

Banks and other financial services partners also benefit from Atelio by extending their customer reach. For example, based on research by S&P Global Intelligence, banks offering embedded finance outpaced peers on deposit growth, with a median sequential growth rate of 2.2% for banks, versus a decline of 0.8% for banks that did not.

How Atelio Works

Atelio makes scalable and compliant fintech capabilities consumable by banks, businesses and software developers – any innovator – where they can create the experiences they want to offer their customers.

Distribution of Atelio is enhanced by FIS’ expansive bank distribution channel as well as its go-to-market relationship with Worldpay®, giving users access to the full financial ecosystem and making it truly a destination for financial innovation.

“We built and launched a new financial product for college students via Atelio quickly and simply,” said Karen Boltz, head of Product Management at College Ave, the second largest private student loan provider in the U.S. “We wanted a product that could bring together an account, credit card and payments into a single experience, and Atelio allowed us to offer a custom solution through our platform in a simple and secure process, which has been hugely beneficial to us in meeting our customers’ needs.”

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